Friday, February 22, 2008

1st Video of Opening Rally at Bolivar Hall!

See you at the next event!


FRFI NorthEast said...

I've been part of building for this speaking tour and it's going to be amazing. People who attack Cuba often don't know much about it at all, not surprising considering the CIA propaganda which is shown freely on British and American news channels. But there is another reason why people don't support Cuba - if they support the rich. Cuban socialism shows that another society is possible, but it is a society to benefit the majority, not the minority. Cuba shows what a working class in power can achieve, so of course it is under attack. Cuba is a threat. It is a threat because it demonstrates an alternative to capitalism, and there are some very powerful people and institutions who do not want us to see this alternative. This Cuban speaking tour is our chance to see for ourselves and engage in debate with three generations of Cuban revolutionaries. See you there!Annie (FRFI NorthEast)

MikeyFRFIScotland said...

Just to say comrades and friends even in the early stages of the Cuban Speaking Tour it has been shown that an audience exists for the message that the Cuban Revolution has to bring. If that's sounds evangelical it's because it is! While the media,the BBC etc., pumps out the predictable bilge about Fidel and Cuba let's remind ourselves now that it's five years since the attack on Iraq. A million dead later remember that it was the BBC that repeated all the lies of the imperialist Labour government to justify the slaughter there. And they have the effrontery to blather on about democracy in Cuba! Cuba occupies no country, has invaded no country and is not at war with any people. I'd call that pretty bloody democratic. BBC- British Bullshitting Corporation!